Eric Clapton - Links These links are in recognition of all the fine web sites dedicated to Eric Clapton, the web designers who spend endless hours to satisfy the fans of Eric Clapton.  Some of my content is derived from these sources, but I have contributed with some of my own resources.  I salute all of you, and am proud to add to the resources.
  • Jim Crowley's Eric Clapton Sitenew.gif (117 bytes)
  • Steve Proctor "Easy Now" Clapton Site
  • Dave Hillman's 461 Ocean Boulevard
  • Slowhand Digest
  • Gerd Klaassen's Slowhand Blues Guitar Page (Germany)
  • FTP site
  • Stosh's World of EC
  • Yasuhisa's Clapton Site new.gif (117 bytes)
  • Falcao's Slowhand Site
  • Blues Power - Spanish
  • Listen to a Blues jam!


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