Hugh James O'Boyle

Hugh - Galway, Ireland - 1996

May your soul rise to the heavens
and may your spirit always be within a whisper away.
I will forever miss and never forget you Hugh!

A Friend or Two by W. D. Nesbit

"Tiochaigh ar la",
Jim aka Crow

I personally did not know Hugh but my brother in law, Jim Nolan from Ireland told us many stories about him. Jim sent us the note that Hugh had passed. So, my wife Patti and I would like to offer our deepest sympathies to the family.

Walley & Patti St. Pierre

My Uncle Hugh

Hughie was giving
Hughie was caring
He cared about all of us
He took us to Jurassic Park (The Grove)
He was the candy man
We all loved him
He took us fishing
He was funny
I miss him.

By Patrick Savoy-O'Neill with Love!!

Uncle Hugh was the best,
I will always love him,
I pray to him every night,
because he can hear me,
he looks after us every night!

By Rory Collin O'Boyle with Love!!

Being the youngest of the clan i didn't see him much but every time he was around everyone was aware of his presence and to tell you the truth I'm still waiting for him to walk through the door and start yelling at me, but i guess that won't happen till i walk through the gates of heaven because it was god's will to not let him suffer any longer! My love to all and to you Hugh i hope your behaving!

Veronica Bobby O'Boyle

Clonsilla is a small community in the west of Dublin City where Hugh set up home and lived among us for 2 years from 1985 until 1987. During this relatively short period of time Hugh became a good neighbour and close friend to many people in Lambourne Park where he lived.

I'd have to admit most of us were a little apprehensive when this "Wild" Irish American (and his skateboard) arrived in our quiet neighbourhood. He was big, loud, brash and sure did curse a lot however, we quickly learned that under this mountain of a man was a heart of gold. As we got to know him we came to love and respect him as he worked hard to build a life for himself and his young family in the country he loved so much. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be, his dreams fell apart and Hugh bid a sad farewell to us towards the end of 1987.

The years have past the kids are now grown men but none of them have forgotten Hugh and the times he spent with them. Whenever I'd meet them on the road or in the pub it was always "Any word from O'Boyle ?". Their eyes would light up as they retold over and over again the adventures they shared with Hugh. How he saved Steward Kelly's life when he fell into a pit in Luttrellstown Castle or the games of "manhunt" they played in the surrounding countryside. The Summer Project outings for the kids which Hugh would "supervise". Everyone of them had their favourite story and they would speak with great pride about the "beatings" Hugh use to give them when the young "Spudheads" stepped out of line.

Last week I had the sad task of telling these young men their hero had moved on to a better place and was no longer with us. To a man they were broken-hearted and have asked me to send their condolences to the O'Boyle family and his many friends in San Francisco.

Deepest Sympathy from:

The Bassett Family Joe, Eilish and Conan, The Downes Family Helen, Michael, Catherine, Stephen and Jane, The O'Connell Family Mr & Mrs O'Connell and Jack, The Dillon Family Mr & Mrs Dillon Gabriel (Dill), Enda and Eoin, The Kirwin Family Angus, Anne, Tara, Aiden and Darren, The Good Family David, Peggy, Susan, Dave (Goodie) and Clare. The McKeown's, The Walshes, The Heffernans, The Salmons, The Kelly Family Mr & Mrs Kelly Stewart (Spudhead) and Ian,The Hughes Family Frank, Carol, Andrew (Yosser) and Francis and finally Mary (Clifford) and myself Jim Nolan. Ops, I nearly forgot "Snoopy",our dog, how could one finish a dedication to Hugh without mentioning one of the four legged creatures that he loved and cared for so much.

Jim Nolan - Clonsilla, Ireland


God saw he was getting tired
and a cure was not to be
So he put his arms around him
and whispered, "Come with me".

With tear-filled eyes we watched him
Suffer and fade away
Although we loved him deeply,
We could not make him stay.

A golden heart stopped beating
hard working hands put to rest
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best

Author Unknown

Dedicated in loving rememberance of Hugh James O'Boyle...

Sean, Sandi, Siobhan and Eoin O'Boyle

My family has a long history with the O'Boyle clan, Bridie is my godmother so the O'Boyle's and the McGoldrick's often hung out together. My most vibrant memory of Hugh is, well actually hilarious, of course. One Thanksgiving when he couldn't make it home, Hugh came knocking at our door in Concord. We were more than happy to have him join us. That Thanksgiving was probably the loudest one I have ever experienced. Hugh was very entertaining with his endless, action-filled stories and his fascination with calling me numbskull. I must admit, I was a little scared, but what matters is in my lifetime I know I will never meet anyone as characteristic as Hugh O'Boyle. Hell, if you are an O'Boyle, it is a given you are a good, warm-hearted person.

Megan McGoldrick a.k.a. Poopers

In loving memory of a family member.

The Sheehy Family, Manchester

Hugh, larger than life, once met never forgotten. We miss you. Our thoughts are with your family at this sad time.

The Sheehys, Liverpool.

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