Jim has photographed corporate conventions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Arizona, Cincinnati, Miami, San Antonio,
Dallas, Hawaii, Kansas City, Washington DC, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexico, Canada, France and many other destinations.

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King Henry - Knebworth Castle
London - England - August 2001

Shaklee ILC Convention - London, England - August 2001

Big Ben

Shaklee Masters and the Beatles

Westminister Abbey

Guard At Windsor Castle

Guard At Tower Of London

Shaklee Master
Cordinator George Shaw

Queen Elizabeth

Shaklee NSC Convention - New Orleans - September 2001

Future Shaklee Director

Shaklee Spirit West Convention 2003
Los Angeles - California - February 6th - 9th 2003

Shaklee NDC Convention 2002
Las Vegas - Nevada - November 22nd - 25th 2002

Shaklee LC Convention 2002
San Diego - California - September 19th - 22nd 2002

Shaklee ILC Convention 2002
Waikiki Beach - Honolulu - Hawaii - August 11th - 18th 2002

Shaklee NDC Convention - Las Vegas - November 2001
Shaklee President Bob Shultz and award winners of the Shaklee car

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