What did Debbie do to anyone and with Robert not here to defend himself why condemn him. Sands is the murderer. Robert wasn't a dope fiend and so what if he was offered a line that night. I also did things I am not so proud of in my youth. I have been accountable for my actions and learn from my mistakes. It's now time for Sands and De-Ber-Ger_ASS to be held accountable and responsible for theirs. Cause they made a huge mistake when they killed my nephew.

Maybe Lessley Anderson wanted to tell the truth. I understand Lessley Anderson had to go back and lead up to the murder to tell the story and some of it was true and accurate. Most of it was however left field. Lessley Anderson got a lot of the bad from people who didn't like the group, wasn't accepted by them, or was a cop. You can't believe what you hear, and I know from the letters, guestbook signatures and people approaching me after his death, that I know there was alot of love, respect and good that people spoke of him to her. Those quotes went right over her airhead. I know I didn't say one word of bullshit to her. I confided in Lessley Anderson, trusted her and tried to help her (in her story). She was going to write it anyways. I noticed what a snake, cheat, liar and self centered person she was after I talked to her. It was too late though.

People hardly ever read those feature articles anyways. Most could careless or remember them. The cover was morbid, ugly and tacky to have her name in red blood. That cover will attract some readers. Christina had to ask if it was true if her brother was shot 14 times in the face after seeing the cover. What a cheap way to attract.

I wish Robert could have called JoJo on the 13th of July. SFWeekly couldn't even catch simple typos. There are other misquotes, untruths, exaggerations and some other things I thought were better left unsaid. When you ask someone a question and they respond, why not write everything they said? What I said and what others had said was not all there. Debbie, myself and other family members are barraged with calls of astonishment and disbelief that some roofjob could write an article like that. Everyone I have talked to about the article said Lessley Anderson was and is a lousy writer. "She started off good but lost it", one person said. She had it out for Robert, but told everyone she thought Phillip Sands was the piece of shit. She either knew one of the Curve defendents, or Tony Serra sent her. Lessley Anderson knows not a thing about life in the city. Having grown up in some two horse town somewhere in the mid-west. Lessley Anderson you aren't in Kansas anymore. You are a heartless bitch, and someone who could careless about others. You should have gone to work for the Inquirer or some other tabloid. In closing, Lessley Anderson didn't anyone ever tell you, never talk bad about the dead...let Robert rest in peace!!

I will forever be proud of Robert for his love of family, friends and the respect he showed and had for his mother. He was a true role model to his siblings, cousins and looked after them when he was here. As I have said before...he still is!!

Thanks and Praise to Angela Testani for writing the editor and saying the following..

Uppercase anger: The front page and the four-page article written by Lessley Anderson in the July 14 issue of SF Weekly ["Sunset on a Murder"] was the most disturbing article I have ever read! I, myself, do not know of this boy, Robert Ramirez, but it's very obvious that the writer displays a huge amount of discrimination and slander against this individual. The most obvious question one is to ask is, why, one full year after the MURDER of this young man, is such a defaming article being written against him? Is this writer somehow working for the defense attorney of the person who SHOT and KILLED this boy? My heart goes out to the mother of Robert Ramirez. It's tragic enough that her son was MURDERED; now the nightmare does not end. This article, in essence, digs him up from the grave, and he is being MURDERED all over again. I respect good journalism when it represents both sides of the TRUTH of a story, which this article clearly does not. Shame on the writer and SF Weekly for printing such trash. This is another example of how the press can, for whatever their motive is, influence the public and make an effect on jury selection, etc. I can only hope that those who have read that article will keep an open mind and, before coming to any conclusions, do your own research -- for the TRUTH!


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