Crow with his bodyguards Clean Gene, Mike, and Jojo

Jim Crowley's Reggae Photography


Crow with Bunny Wailer and Stephen Marley

Out of respect to Ziggy, his wife, his brother Stephen
and the members of their entourage, what happened and
what was said backstage remains backstage.

It had been 20 years since I last met with Ziggy and
Steven. On Saturday August 12th, 2006 I met with both
Steven and Ziggy once again. We reminisced, talked,
laughed and Ziggy signed a 12x18 print of the shot from
Sunsplash and Steven a 12x18 print of the Reggae on
the River photograph.

Thanks and praise to Ziggy, his wife, Stephen, Bunny
Wailer and especially Sikill for making it all possible.
Thanks to my brothers/bodyguards Mike, Clean Gene and
Jojo as well, for a spectacular day.

All photos above were
taken by unknown photographers.

Steven Marley at Reggae on the River
Piercy - California - 2003

Jimi Crowley and Ziggy Marley - San Diego - 1986

Sunsplash - Montego Bay - Jamaica - 1987

Stephen Marley backstage at Sunsplash
Montego Bay - Jamaica - 1987

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