Paddy, Anastasia, Me, Lea, Erica, Rachel

Thanks to Mr. Lillef for the knowledge and the guidance while at McAteer High. Mr. Lillef was a cool and extremely kind man. He was great with the students and all the kids loved him. Mr Lillef taught photography and was a great role model as well. He would tell me, " Crowley, if your going to be hanging out up on that hill, where I know your class isn't being held. Your more then welcome to come and teach my students photography". I would sometimes cut Film Lit and go teach and develop my prints from shows I shot. Mr. Lillef even got the school to showcase my work in the trophy case in the hallway outside his classroom. I remember the Japanese students would trade me Stones Imports and other rock albums if I showed them some techniques. They used the best Nikon equipment and I switched to Nikon after meeting them. I have never forgotten my Japanese friends. Thanks to all the brothers and sisters from HP, Double Rock, Dog Patch and the Fillmore for all the great laughs and great times together.

Thanks Mr. Lillef! I haven't ever forgotten you and I never will.

Thanks to Shannon and Gida as well.