Fairmont Hotel - San Francisco, California - September 14th, 1998 11:30 am

I had some business downtown and thought since I knew that Robert and Jimmy loved San Francisco, and that they had a few days off they might still be in town. So, I dropped by the Fairmont Hotel. As I neared the entrance I spotted my friend the bellmen helping a lady with her bags. "Hey Crow, whats up? said my friend (we'll leave his name out of this). I asked if they were still here. He said give me a minute and I'll check for you. ? called the receptionist and said "I think they left". I told ? I'd see him in a few. I went inside and sat on one of the couches in the lobby and ordered some tea. While I read the review from the Shoreline. (about a half hour later). I looked up and noticed Robert strolling through the lobby. I grabbed my things and quickly approached him. "Excuse me Robert", I said with a little bit of worry in my voice. Robert turned and said "Yes". I explained that I had a few pictures and that I wanted to show him and have him sign one or two. "I have to go get a tourist map of San Francisco, please have them ready when I get back". Thinking about how he told me the same thing backstage in Concord, I had a feeling he was going to sneak out the backdoor. Thats the reason I came to the Fairmont cause I was so close and had to give it another shot. But much to my surprise here he came. I showed him the pictures from Concord. He asked me three questions in one "Whats your name? Who do you shoot for? and where did you take these? I told him I shoot for various magazines and that I took them in the photographers pit at Concord. I then told him "I kind of promote Led Zeppelin as well as Page/Plant on the internet". Sarcastically he said, "Yeah, so you promote us on the internet"? I then explained that fans could access info, i.e. photos, history and other links. As well as buy their CD's and listen to their music from my site. I asked if he like the internet and he replied "No". I really can't remember what he said but I do remember him saying something like" its something thats twice removed". Remember I was standing next to the first lead singer I liked and one of the greatest rock ~n~ roll singers of all time. I asked if it was the bootlegs and he to my surprise said "No, its not the bootlegs, I kinda like the bootlegs"."Thats promotion" replied Robert. With his retanglar Ben Franklinish specs he looked up at me thumbing through the pics and said "These are quit good photographs Jim, I like this one its quite cheerful". After what seemed like a lifetime, me in a trance and Robert asking all these questions and being real cool and polite he said that he had an appointment and had to get going. I asked if I could have my picture taken with him and he said "Why certainly" . I asked a lady that was reading a book if she didn't mind and she said "Sure". After we took the photo and I got the camera back I turned and noticed Robert had his hand out and wanted to get moving "Best wishes to you Jim " as we shook hands. I went over and looked at my autographs and just sat there knowing that that was probably my last chance and what a chance encounter it was. The lady that took the picture asked "who was that intriguing man" I replied " One of the greatest rock singers of all time, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin". She said "I remember Stairway to Heaven" as she shook her head and moved on. I looked up and noticed the whole lobby smiling at me from the consieur to the security guards. I smiled back grabbed my stuff and went outside and lite a smoke and stood there in the sun for awhile.

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