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I don't remember what year it was 1966-67, but I could fit comfortably in the way back, as we called it, of my parents Volkswagon. With my parents in the front, and my two sisters in the back seat. I remember us driving around the Korbel Winery bend near Guerneville, California, listening to "Satisfaction" on the radio. With my father singing the lyrics, we all quickly learned the chorus and joined in. We pulled into Rio Nido with the radio blaring and the family singing. I didn't know who Mick Jagger or Keith Richards were at the time, but I sure loved that song.

In the years to come, not only would I meet them, be granted permission to photograph them anywhere in the world I happened to be (i.e. Hawaii, Seattle, Las Vegas, and Amsterdam to name a few), as well as being fortunate enough to be welcome in their closely guarded camp.

In 2002, I had a falling out with their press people in New York, after I was told I could not be accommodated, but not being told why. I believe it was because, I had photographed them in Switzerland without permission, and prior to that, for streaming a bootleg version of "You Don't Have To Mean It" from my site. I was promoting the new live album, not the bootleg or bootlegging. It was when I photographed the band anyways from the crowd, the way I had in 1978 and 1981, that's when all hell broke loose. Seems Tony King, Mick Jagger's manager (the one who was responsible for allowing me to photograph them in the first place) felt my standing up for myself, as well as accommodating myself was enough to have me exiled. Someone close to their organization later told me, "James, they loved your photography and what you were doing with your website, Mr King just didn't like your arrogant behavior that day".

I have agreed not to post the photographs I took without permission on November 13th 2005. On Tuesday November the 15th, when The Rolling Stones played the second of two shows at AT&T, I chose to remain at home and hang out with our daughter Erin. The next time I saw The Rolling Stones I left my camera at home and simply sit back and enjoy the world's greatest rock n roll band.

To this day, I have nothing but love, respect and admiration for their music, and the utmost respect for the band members as well as Mr. King (to whom I have since apologized). I only photographed them due to the love of their music, because I loved photographing musicians, and because so many people around the world enjoyed the photographs. I would post them on my site, as well as give others permission to post them on theirs, and not for any other rea$on$. That's the truth as I know it, the whole truth and nothing but the truth ...so help I Jah.

James Crowley
November - 24th - 2005

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