Thanks to Mr. Barnett for the time and patience in teaching me the art of photography. Mr. Barnett was my first photography teacher.

If you ever got thrown out of class you didn't go see the principal you had to go to see Mr. Barnett. See Mr. Barnett not only was the photography teacher he was also the librarian. Since the darkroom was in an adjacent room I usually got to go to the darkroom to practice my developing and printing skills rather then sit in the library and be quite. You can say I got thrown out of class quite often.

Also, Thanks to Sam Miller for turning me on to Rock n Roll Photography. I can remember a picture of Keith Richards that Sam had taken. We use to debate who was a better guitar player, Jimmy Page or Keith Richards. Though I had the "Black and Blue" album I wasn't real into the Stones. See Zeppelin was my favorite band at the time. Thanks to Sam thats when I got the real urge to photograph musicians. I first started to shoot photographs off the movie screen at the Parkside Theatre when "The Song Remains the Same" played there on friday and saturday nights. However, it wasn't long before I starting photographing the Rolling Stones.

Thanks Mr. Barnett, Sam Miller, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and The Rolling Stones!