I had just seen the Stones in Amsterdam five nights and photographed them three out of five. The first night, I had just arrived in Amsterdam. I checked into the Bulldog, rushed to the stadium and missed the escort to the pit by minutes. No one moves when the Stones are about to take the stage. So, I knew I wasn't going to shoot that night. Jim Callahan, the head of Stones security radioed to the pit and CC explained to him. "James will have to shoot tomorrow". I being tired from traveling all day, went in and watched the show without taking any photographs.

Later that week, I was due in Geneva to shoot a Shaklee convention and had enough time to catch a train to Frauenfeld (near Zurich) and then come back to Amsterdam (through Germany) for a couple of days before going back to Switzerland to work. When I arrived in Frauenfeld, I hung out all day and enjoyed the festival. The people were extremely generous, kind and personable. Around eight or nine that evening I head over to where CC was to meet the press and other photographers. When CC came out she noticed me and explained, "James, I didn't know you were coming, Mick didn't know you were coming and Tony King didn't know you were coming. I'm sorry you can not shoot this evening". The crowd standing around, including all the photographers looked at me with intrigued looks on their faces as to say, "who the f@%#* is this guy". I must admit, I was surprised and bummed, yet at the same time, I was floored that Mick (involved in more then singin' on stage) really was aware of all the times Tony allowed me to shoot!

Just after the army of photographers went in, a man who witnessed the conversation, came up to me and handed me an all access pass and escorted me threw the gates and to the sound board. I watched the show from there and when they made it to the second stage, I took a few photos.

Later, after policing my site they noticed photographs (mainly the above photo) they never gave me permission to shoot. The first three songs and thats it. I was usually told after shooting the first three songs, "James here is a ticket, put your camera in your car and come enjoy the show". Not to be rude or inconsiderate, but with no car, and no where to put my camera, I would bring it in any ways. Now, if you loved the Stones, traveled that far, and were that close, not to mention you had a camera. What would you do?

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